Aplus UG 80/16 21Ga Pneumatic Stapler 80 Series 1/2” Crown Staples 6mm – 16mm #UG 80/16

Pneumatic and Electric Staplers

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The APLUS range of pneumatic and electric staplers feature comfortable handle with rubber, strong and light weight die cast housing, fast and easy downloading and a narrow nose. Can be used for a variety of jobs such as upholstery, automotive trim, insulation, cabinet backs, picture frames, light trim and moulding.

Key Features

Feature and Benefits:

  • Dial adjust tool from single fire to varying automatic fire speeds
  • the speed range from single fire up to max 15staples/sec
  • powerful cylinder with fast air recycling time for maximun performance
  • ergonomic comfort hand grip provides a firm grip on tool
  • rear exhauts with built-in silencer to reduce exhauts sound
  • easy loading
  • easy pull-up magazine latch for quick access to fastener


  • Upholstery
  • Automotive trim
  • insulation
  • Cabinet backs
  • small furniture
  • Picture frames
  • Light trim and moulding


Additional information

1/2” Crown Staples

1/2” Crown Staples

6mm – 16mm

6mm – 16mm