C-90 Air Coil Nailer 2.5mm Shank Dia: 42mm–60mm 3.1mm Shank Dia: 75mm–90mm #C-90


Coil Nailers

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The APLUS range of Coil Nailers are perfect for any heavy duty fastening jobs requiring Ring Shank Nails. These powerful nailers have adjustable driver length and designed to be used all day. Great for any woodwork, picket fences, pallets, setwork, expo stands. Enserco also stock the coil nails and supply spares and repairs.

90mm coil nailer, C-90PA nail gun. it is for pallet application

Feature and Benefits:

  • Well balanced and powerful for heavy duty application
  • Dust cover also protects against flying wire
  • Tough nylon, fast and easy loading magazine
  • Built for high speed operationHigh durability driver blade and bumper for long lift


  • Framing
  • sheathing
  • decking
  • sub flooring
  • exterior decks
  • pallets
  • crates and wall framing


Additional information

2.5mm Shank Dia: 42mm – 60mm

2.5mm Shank Dia: 42mm – 60mm

3.1mm Shank Dia: 75mm – 90mm

3.1mm Shank Dia: 75mm – 90mm