Simes Model 1300 Fencing Hogring Plier Removable magazine holds 36 rings Size: Ω20 and A20 (closes to 5.8mm) #SIM 1300


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The best tools to bend and fasten hogrings, are the special hog-ring pliers. Hog ring pliers feature a tong in the centre which holds the hog ring in place, allowing for easy installation. The sides of the hog ring pliers are then squeezed together, which bends and secures the hog ring in place. Depending on the size and requirements of the job there are different sizes of hog rings, along with different models of pliers


  1. Wire cutter
  2. The 1300 model features a practical accessory that facilitates the cutting of wire up to 3 mm in diameter.Ergonomic non-slip grip Features an ergonomic grip with a non-slip rubber cover that is comfortable to the touch and makes handling the pliers easier.
  3. Manual closure The 1300 model has a manual closing system which ensures the tool occupies as little space as possible when not in use.






4. Loader This model also features a loader with capacity for up to 36 A20 and Ω20 hog ring staples.

5. New load-push system The staple pusher, designed for single-hand use, is always on the upper part and blocks the end-of-run to facilitate the loading of ring staples.




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Removable magazine holds 36 rings

Removable magazine holds 36 rings

Size: Ω20 and A20 (closes to 5.8mm)

Size: Ω20 and A20 (closes to 5.8mm)