Testo SF1840H 18Ga Pneumatic Stapler G44 series 3/8″ Crown Staples 19mm – 40mm #TES SF1840H


Pneumatic Staplers

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Most pneumatic staplers use compressed air to force the staples into a variety of surfaces, such as wood or metal at an extremely high speed. They use heavy-gauge metal staples. The most common staple dimensions fall between 1/4 inches (about 6.5 mm) to 1/2 inches (about 13 mm) in width, and 3/8 inches (about 9.5 mm) to 1-1/2 inches (about 38 mm) long. The curved shape of staples holds the material in two places, so they have potentially strong holding power.

  • LxWxH:11.9″x3.2″x10.4″(301x80x264mm)
  • Weight:4.6lbs(2.09kgs)
  • Operation pressure:70~110psi(4.9~7.6bar)
  • Capacity:130pcs
  • 360° exhaust deflector
  • Switchable trigger
  • Tool-free depth-adjustment device
  • Easy top loading
  • EZ front de-jamming
  • No-mar pad
  • Belt hook is accessory for customer option

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3/8" Crown Staples

3/8" Crown Staples

19mm – 40mm

19mm – 40mm